yosemite national park

January 24th 2012 - Written by: Kelsy

Yosemite National Park Timelapse Video

Yosemite. Just the name is enough to set an adventurer to day dreaming. It’s a place that stokes our inner fire, our wildness and gives us the escape we hunger for. For the climbers among us, Yosemite is our mecca. In last year’s story in National Geographic, photographer and climber Jimmy Chin said:

Visiting a Yosemite climbing camp today, you’re just as likely to meet a divorce attorney from Delaware as a wild-haired dirtbag. Walking through Camp 4 one morning, I hear a dozen languages-Czech, Chinese, Thai, Italian-and meet climbers from all walks of life. A young German engineer, grinning ear to ear, has just completed a five-day ascent of El Cap. A barefoot young woman from Denmark, with nose ring, dreads, a tattoo, walks a slackline-a tightrope strung three feet off the ground between trees. A mom and dad from Washington State teach their two kids how to climb. Rock climbing is no longer a fringe sport. It’s mainstream. And unlike the early years, there are nearly as many women as men on the rock…

Whether you’re a climber or not, it’s difficult to dream up a place more awe-inspiring than Yosemite National Park. In fact, it’s difficult to describe in words this special wild place. Yesterday our friends at prAna posted this incredible timelapse video on their Facebook wall. Do yourself a favor; grab your mug of coffee, sit back and watch…


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