July 17th 2013 - Written by: Kelsy

Bridge the Gap to Pine Ridge

Osprey is proud to sponsor an incredible, inspiring and educational upcoming special that will air on PBS this month: Bridge the Gap to Pine Ridge. The program was created by executive producer, host and global explorer Chris Bashinelli, who grew up in Brooklyn, NY and has devoted his adult life to traveling to developing regions of the world, where he investigates the lives of people young and old, asking the ultimate question: “How can we change the world for the better?”

Bridge the Gap to Pine Ridge will premiere on many PBS stations nationwide this Friday, July 19th at 10 p.m., and is the first of about five airings that will happen over the next several years. To see if this premiere is showing on your local station, please check the Local Listings, as some stations will air the special as late as July 27th.

Here’s what the special is all about:

In this program, he visits the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to explore a culture all but expunged from the history books, that of the Oglala Lakota Native Americans. While there, he embarks on a life-changing buffalo harvest, gets “schooled” by the women’s college basketball team, visits with a 14-year-old suicide prevention activist, and finds himself shoulder deep up a cow’s backside while trying to better understand employment issues on the reservation. With humor and pathos, he uncovers stories of hope and learns how culture has prevailed in the face of adversity.

Martin Bad Wound, a respected community leader on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

“What do you want people to remember about you?” Chris asks Martin Bad Wound, a respected community leader — “It ain’t just me I want you to remember. It’s my people. We ain’t all depressed, we ain’t all oppressed, we ain’t all alcoholics. We all want something out of life. We’re just like you.”

So check your local listings, tune in and learn more about Bridge the Gap TV!

June 7th 2012 - Written by: Kelsy

Take Action: 88bikes Launches Project Asha

Among the many organizations Pedaling Change in our world, 88bikes is one of our favorites. The organization, founded in 2006, operates to attain one goal: “To provide a sustainable, joyful empowering form of transportation to young people in developing countries, in situations where these children have been challenged to be their own heroes due to war, conflict, poverty, disease, or other regional hardships.”

88bikes has personally — done in-person by the founders — delivered over two thousand bikes to thousands of children around the globe, and continues to do so. The organization’s recently launched project, called Project Asha, will take place this summer, and will see to it that several hundred bikes make their way to girls who have been victims of human trafficking.


October 15th 2009 - Written by: Kelsy

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

The Osprey Brand Team, a group of ambassadors reporting from the field at consumer outdoor events across the country as well as reporting on adventures in their own neck of the woods, delivers the latest from new team member Aimee Cebulski who is on a 6-month world travel adventure. She’s taking an Osprey Sojourn 28 with her (from our new Travel Collection). This is her fifth update coming to you from Egypt…

Are we in Egypt or Las Vegas?  Sharm El Sheikh turned out to be much more of a resort town than we thought.  Once upon a time this was a diver’s haven, a little strip of land right on the Red Sea.  Now, it’s a super developed, all-inclusive style of resort town.  Not really our scene (but it does have a Casino!).

There are countless 5-star resorts and a sea of buffets (along with people stuffing their faces) – And diving is a big business here.  We almost fell over with sticker shock when shopping for a hotel.  We scored a sweet deal at the Iberotel Lido – which is actually a very nice property, right on Naama Bay, with a killer view.  We nabbed a rate of only $180/night – includes breakfast and dinner.  This is a steal here.  Needless to say, we dramatically changed our plan to spend only a few nights here and then move quickly out of the area.

We’ve enjoyed the hotel, relaxing on the pool deck and taking in some of the local seafood at restaurants here.  Our main purpose to come to the Red Sea was to do some scuba diving.  For the last 2 days, we’ve been heading out with Camel Dive Club, one of the oldest dive shops here.

It’s a well-oiled machine, extremely organized and also very focused on diver safety, which is excellent.  Jeff says it’s the most he’s ever paid for diving, so again, we are not staying here as long as we first planned.

We’ve done 2 dives each day over the last 2 days.  The water conditions are outstanding, warm, clear and blue.  Tons of fish, amazing coral (color, styles and variety) but not as much wildlife as we have seen in other spots (turtles, reef sharks, etc.).

A videographer accompanied our group on our dives today out in Ras Mohammed National Park and she produced a video for viewing before we were even back at shore!  You home video fans (dad!) would have been super impressed at the video quality underwater and the production value of the finished piece.  However, at 45 Euro (about $68) for a finished copy, purchasing one was just not in our budget!  We were shocked at the price.  At 45 Euro, no one bought one.  If she had priced them more like 10 Euro, she would have sold out!

We’re staying here until Friday (not diving tomorrow) and then heading to the coastal haven of Dahab.  This is much more of a backpacker’s place and more like the experience we are hoping to get out of the Red Sea.  We booked a cool little hotel called the Alaska Camp & Hotel (go figure) – Our 7 nights there will equal ONE night here.  Insane!

We haven’t taken too many pictures – but a few here of us and the Red Sea.

Signing off for now, hopefully will blog again in Dahab, our hotel is supposed to have free WiFi.

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For more information about Aimee, check out her bio page here.


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