Sierra Nevadas

September 20th 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

Travel Tuesday: Fallen Leaf Lake in the Sierras

A quick photo from an early morning last week at Fallen Leaf Lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Waking up to the soft morning light, snuggling into a down jacket and the first sips of hot coffee… just a few things that have us already dreaming of how we’re going to spend our next weekend.

Pack your passion. Go!

April 3rd 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

The Love Letter: Our Hearts Are A Wilderness

For 10 years, the dream lingered, but the clutter of modern living pressed it into submission. Still clinging to a young man’s dreams, Fitz Cahall and his wife Becca revived their youthful vision of summits and faint trails by abandoning work and the city for the wilderness… The Love Letter follows a pair of climbers in search of new and classic routes along the difficult to reach stretches of the Sierra spine. It is a climbing film less focused on summits than the process of attaining them. In the clutter of the modern world, can wilderness still restore the human spirit? We would like to think so. This is our love letter to wild places.



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