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July 17th 2012 - Written by: Kelsy

Mountain2Mountain Launches Domestic Program, Strength in Numbers in Breckenridge, CO

We’re proud to support the incredible work of Shannon Galpin and Mountain2Mountain. After four years of working in Afghanistan, Mountain2Mountain will bring it all home—launching it first domestic program, ‘Strength in Numbers’, in the United States, targeting young women at-risk, female military veterans and violence survivors. Utilizing the bike as a vehicle for social justice, beyond traditional bike donations, instead considering mountain biking as a seed for cultural exchange and self-determination abroad and at home.

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June 8th 2012 - Written by: Kelsy

Friday Round Up: Shannon Galpin, A MoveShake Story


A rape survivor and mother, Shannon Galpin realized she couldn’t just sit on the sidelines when it came to standing up for human rights. Working in Afghanistan, Shannon founded Mountain2Mountain and continues to tackle a complicated issue in a conflicted country. Determined to combat apathy on the other side of the equation, Shannon shares her stories of success of creating positive change in an area that many assume is hopeless.


June 6th 2012 - Written by: Kelsy

MoveShake Video Series, Featuring Shannon Galpin of Mountain2Mountain, Premieres Online June 7

Here at Osprey, we’re proud to support the work of people making this world a better place. One of those people is Shannon Galpin. Shannon founded Mountain2Mountain in 2006 to help empower and give a voice to the women and girls of Afghanistan. Two years ago, she biked across the country in an effort to raise awareness and funds.

Tomorrow, the filmmakers at Red Reel are launching a series called MoveShake, that features Shannon and other movers and shakers around the world…


October 14th 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

Panjshir Tour Finale Ride Saturday, October 15 in Denver to Support Mountain 2 Mountain

Two years ago, Shannon Galpin became the first woman to mountain bike in Afghanistan, a country where women are no longer allowed to ride bikes. In 2010, she rode across the Panjshir Valley, a 2-day journey of more than 150 km that tested the perception of women riding bikes, while highlighting the beauty and potential for adventure in this remote area of the world.

On October 8, riders across the US used their bikes as vehicles for social change by participating in the Panjshir Tour — showing their support and raising funds to fuel Mountain 2 Mountain‘s programs in Afghanistan. Well, now it’s time to celebrate.

If you’re anywhere near Denver, don’t miss the finale ride tomorrow at Bear Creek Lake. Show up wat 10a.m. on Saturday, October 15, to empower women and children in Afghanistan. Look forward to delicious refreshments from New Belgium Brewing beer, and Oogave – The original agave soda, sweet gear from from Osprey Packs, a wheel set from Stans NoTubes, and gorgeous red frame from Niner Bikes. All up for grabs and in support of Mountain 2 Mountain.

Shannon wrote on the prAna blog:

It was my goal to challenge perceptions and invite conversation on both sides of the equation. Challenging the stereotypes of women and Americans in Afghanistan, while challenging parallel stereotypes of Afghans as a people and as a nation in the United States. Bridging cultures and communities on two wheels… by coming together with our bikes, we can fight for justice, we can battle for change, and we can do it one pedal stroke at a time.

April 26th 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

Streets of Afghanistan in Denver April 28: Support Mountain2Mountain To Empower Women + Girls

The Denver Art Museum is hosting Streets of Afghanistan this Thursday, April 28, in an effort to connect communities and cultures in a country that has endured nearly four decades of conflict. Proceeds from the exhibition, created by Mountain2Mountain (M2M), a Colorado-based nonprofit, will support programs including girls’ education, efforts to help imprisoned women and children and support for the Afghan youth movement.


March 4th 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

An Army of Women

It takes an army.

“Not a military one. An army of women. A battalion of passionate mothers, daughters, and sisters that are milling to sacrifice time, money, and energy to be crusaders of gender equality and human rights… An army of committed women can change the world.”

We are proud and honored to be supporting Shannon Galpin and Mountain2Mountain. Read USA Today’s full Investing in Women and Girls Report here.


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