Project Bike Trip

September 18th 2013 - Written by: Kelsy

Be Safe, Ride On

If you travel by bike frequently, you’re likely used to the ease of it all; you buckle on your helmet, touch your foot to the pedal and head out! Of course we get it. Bicycling offers a mode of transportation that’s simple as can be, which is part of its appeal. However, we’re with Project Bike Trip when they say: “for your safety and to keep your bike in top condition, it’s important to get into the habit of performing some simple maintenance checks whenever you ride.” That’s why they created this easy-to-following info-graphic, as well as why we’re sharing it, above. Check it out. And more importantly, complete your pre-ride bike checklist every time!

July 13th 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

Video: Empowering Youth Through Bike Maintenance

Why don’t they have autoshop for bicycles?

Good question.

That’s how Project Bike Trip, a non-profit based in Santa Cruz, started. A program to get youth working with bicycles, this is not your typical classroom setting, instead it’s all about grease, gears and grime. Hope this idea spreads across the country.

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