July 20th 2014 - Written by: Kelsy

Power in the Pristine: A Victory for Rios Libres!

Baker-5-475x315Osprey has been a proud sponsor of the Rios Libres Project since its inception 4 years ago. Rios Libres has worked tirelessly to protect Patagonia, Chile, from the HidroAysén consortium and their plan to overrun the region with five gratuitous and unsustainable hydroelectric dams. This past month marks a milestone victory in the movement for sustainable energy and environmental protection in Chile’s pristine Patagonia wild lands.

After 6 years of intense local protesting by the Chilean people, joined by tens of thousands of international supporters, we all now have reason to celebrate. Newly elected Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet ran on a platform that she would not support the HidroAysén project, while the newly appointed Minister of Environment announced on June 10th that the Chilean government has rejected HidroAysén. (more…)

June 14th 2012 - Written by: Kelsy

Take Action: Help Rios Libres Save Patagonia’s Rivers

Few landscapes remain as pristine as Patagonia, home to some of the most dramatic landscapes on the planet. Between the striking Andes mountains, the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego and the roaring rivers that wend through the region, Patagonia is a veritable wonderland — a showcase of natural bounty.

Unfortunately, in places where natural wonders abound, humans often find ways to harness the energy behind it all; in the case of Patagonia, its rivers are being eyed — and could be exploited — for their power, literally.



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