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Gear Talk: Buy Beer… Not Batteries

April 20th, 2012

We waste a lot of batteries. But, there are some small ways through which we can cumulatively make a positive change. It can be as simple as switching one habit in our household as often as possible. With the present evils of global climate change, oil and gas dependency, plastic waste issues, the water and sanitation crises, and more it is good when we are handed simple solutions to immediate problems.

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Osprey Hydraulics Team Member Melinda Davie Comes Back To The Tahoe Sierra 100 Ultra Endurance Mountain Bike Race

November 4th, 2010

Having a goal is a good way to start the day. I started Saturday September 11th with the goal to complete the Tahoe Sierra 100 Ultra Endurance Mountain Bike Race. I wasn’t looking to do it in any time specifically, except that the organizer had put a limit of 14 hours on it. I attempted to do this event in 2009 and came very close but did not complete it. I learned a few things through that experience and after this past year of training, planning and competing in a few much shorter races I felt I was ready to tackle the event again.

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Osprey Hydraulics Team Member Guillaume Lazure Gets Some Fall Mileage

November 3rd, 2010

They say that a fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer wave goodbye.

The colors set in and the trails disappear under a thick bed of red, green and yellow leaves. The trails that have been nice and dry for most of the summer turn into sticky, muddy terrain and the shinny roots stare at you, trying to make you slip on every turn. The hot summer days make way to chilling, dark and rainy days. When all these elements come together, it only means one thing — it’s time for epic rides!

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