December 22nd 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

What’s Hot for Cold: Paradox Sports Fashion Show Fundraiser in Boulder

Earlier this month, I attended another superb event organized by Paradox Sports. Before this, most of the Paradox events I’ve attended have involved a weekend outside, but this time around I headed to Boulder for a fashion show fundraiser at Neptune Mountaineering — one of the most impressive outdoor retail shops I’ve ever seen.

This was the first fashion show that Neptune has hosted as a fundraiser for Paradox Sports. The show featured Neptune employees and Paradox Sports athletes modeling the latest in winter soft goods and shouldering the latest hard goods. The theme, What’s Hot for the Cold, reflects the paradox that exists when disabled athletes are out climbing 5.12 pitches, kayaking Class VI whitewater and skiing the steepest drops. The sight of these athletes climbing high-standard routes in Eldorado or running South Boulder Creek during the runoff, inspires and motivates even the most jaded.


November 17th 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

Ditch Your Car: High Heels and Two Wheels via Adventure Journal

High Heel + Two Wheels

Thanks to Adventure Journal for today’s ‘Ditch Your Car’ inspiration!  Knowing that style and bikes can blend beautifully together, we’re ready to make like Erin and ditch our cars as well!

via Adventure Journal:

Meet Erin. She is responsible for High Heels and Two Wheels, a Tumblr, and she describes herself thusly…”I sold my car on July 23, 2010. I rely mostly on my bike to get around Charleston, SC. I can be best described by a co-worker introducing me to a new employee: ‘This is Erin, she wears the highest heels and the shortest skirts and still rides her bike to work everyday.’ Follow my musings on my life without a car. Perhaps you’ll start biking too!



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