October 11th 2010 - Written by: Kelsy

Finding My Element – Mozambique (Part 2)

View from the Dive Center balcony. Beautiful waves... but hard for boat launches and diving!

Turns out I was fine. This decision was made at about 9:00am.

Several hours earlier, however, as I leaned over the balcony in a lineup of seven brow-furrowed, defiantly complacent divers staring out to the choppy, gray Indian Ocean, that fact didn’t seem so certain.

Moments earlier, I had abruptly awoke, ripped my board shorts and bathing suit out of my ReSource bag, and scurried barefoot to the Dive Center like a little kid late for the first day of school.

Left, right, left, (wobble) right… My body felt the lack of the previous nights’ sleep as it creaked in to motion, and my feet pounding the sand became cadence for the morning’s mantra: Oh. Please. Oh. Please. Oh. Please.

If I’d known what ocean conditions to “will” into being, I would have. But, having dove just four times in a lake with no current, no visibility and no surf, I didn’t really know what to ask the Ocean Gods for. Just a chance to dive.


September 14th 2010 - Written by: Kelsy

Music on the Mountaintop – A Recap

Gotta say. It’s been awhile since I last saw home, but the opportunity to catch some music, support some friends, and weekend it in the Carolina hills couldn’t be passed up. Besides, Osprey was back on the sponsor role, so technically… This could be considered work. The plan was simple: load the truck with gear and give-aways, drive to Boone, set up the Osprey booth with our local dealer Footsloggers and spend the next two days talking shop and spreading the Osprey love.

Music on the Mountain bills itself as a “one of kind, eco-driven, music festival”, and they certainly don’t disappoint. The combination of environmental consciousness, musical talent, and geographical backdrop make this festival one of the best managed and spectator friendly events in the Southeast. Families out for a Saturday afternoon intermingled with college co-eds, hippy hula hoopers, groupies, dopers, travelers and locals.


May 26th 2010 - Written by: Kelsy

Get Dirty to Keep Your Climbing Area Clean: Minnesota Climbers Adopt-A-Crag Clean Ups


If you spend any time climbing in Minnesota, make sure to take a day this year to give a climbing crag some love. The good folks at Minnesota Climbers Association have a ton of great clean-ups happening this year. These are a great way for climbers to get involved in the community, and allows us to give back and help keep the areas we frequent clean and beautiful.

Visit the Minnesota Climbers events page for details… What are you waiting for? Mark your calendar and take part!

PHOTO courtesy Apex Adventure Alliance, LLC.

April 28th 2010 - Written by: Kelsy

5 Point Film Festival


Thirsty for adventure? Maybe looking for some inspiration? Well, you’re in luck — 5 Point Film Festival starts tomorrow, April 29, and runs through May 2 in Carbondale, Colorado.

From 5 Point Film Festival:

On the edge between desire and fear, between the known and unknown, is a place deep inside us all where the spirit is transformed — pushed beyond its limit by our deliberate commitment to usher in something new and original. In this soulful place we are catalyzed to learn, expand and engender newfound understanding to inspire others on their journeys. It is this spirit, this thirst for adventure that the 5Point Film Festival celebrates and shares with the community and filmmakers that gather for its annual Festival in Carbondale.

From Outside Magazine’s blog:

The program includes docs and animation about mountain biking, surfing, climbing, and other outdoor adventure sports–even rumba in Cuba and a yoga face-off. Screenings will include Chris Malloy‘s 180 Degrees South, the kayaking doc Dream Result, and the doc on Roz Savage, Rowing the Atlantic. Go to 5pointfilm.org for details.


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