March 27th 2012 - Written by: Kelsy

Travel Tuesday: Bike Portraits of South Africa

Bike enthusiasts and photographers Stan Engelbrecht & Nic Grobler spent two years traveling in and around South Africa — capturing portraits of people and their beloved bikes along the way. The culmination of their project is a book, Bicycle Portraits, divided into three parts that encompass the portraits, stories and essays about the South African people they encountered during their journey. As stated on the home page of the Bicycle Portraits website, “Bicycle Portraits has turned into a portrait of a nation through the bicycles that they own and ride every day —revealing all manner of social, class, historical and cultural nuances never imagined.”

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January 13th 2012 - Written by: Kelsy

Friday Round Up: Artcrank Compiles Best Bike Stories From 2011

Unless you’ve been living in a deep, dark cave… You may have noticed that there is a lot of cool stuff going on out there. So, we thought it was high-time we started rounding up some of our faves each week. We call it the Osprey Round-Up… Happy Friday!

We love riding. We really, really love riding. As our tires hit the pavement this new year, we’ve been thinking about all of the incredible rides we have to look forward to and a few in our office have even started making it official, scheduling races and writing down their bucket list of singletrack and road rides they hope to tackle in 2012. But part of what makes our future rides so exciting is the memories of adventures last year: the taste of dirt from screaming down singletrack, the nip of crisp fall air and the feeling of our breath and heart beating as we ride to work each day. That’s why we’re digging this compilation of stories from our friends at Artcrank. Just reading through these got us even more excited to keep pedaling!

via Artcrank:

For four years as a graduate student in Milwaukee, Wisconsin my bike was, in many ways, a necessary evil. It was cheap transportation, it was a set of wheels that didn’t need to be visited every hour to plug a meter, and it took me where I wanted to go on my clock. While 2011 found me stepping away from higher education and a bike-friendly commute, the past year gave me the opportunity to see my bicycle from a different perspective. Instead of being a tool of frugality and pure utility, it became a gateway to the finer things in life.

In 2011, my bike exposed me to overly ambitious single-track, the wonders of a quality chamois, an appreciation of PBR tallboys, all-weather neighborhood rides, a leaner build, and number of friendships that have made my return to the Twin Cities a ton of fun.

So here’s to more of the same in 2012.

These stories are seriously awesome, so make sure to click on over to Artcrank’s blog for the rest of them here and here.

PHOTO via Bjorn Christianson/Artcrank

December 7th 2010 - Written by: Kelsy

Travel Tuesday: Bicycle Art Around the World

via Elephant Journal:



October 22nd 2010 - Written by: Kelsy

Friday Round-Up: Rethinking, Repurposing and Rejoicing Over Bikes

Unless you’ve been living in a deep, dark cave… You may have noticed that there is a lot of cool stuff going on out there. So, we thought it was high-time we started rounding up some of our faves each Friday. Every month, we’ll be choosing a theme that fits with the Osprey lifestyle. Since we were so excited for the launch of our bike blog last month, we decided to continue with that theme for all of October. Welcome to the Osprey Friday Round-Up!


Think Europe’s ahead of the game on bike policy? Well San Francisco’s trying to catch up. David Chiu, the president of the Board of Supervisors, announced this week that the city wants the official target to be 20% of trips by 2020, which would be double the current target of 10% for this year.

But what does it take to change the transportation habits of a city? Start small. In fact 40% of U.S. urban travel is 2 miles or less, and 90% of those trips are by car. That means it’s smart to focus on policies and infrastructure that make it easier for people to do their everyday quick errands — going to the post office, grocery shopping, dropping off a book at the library — by bike. San Francisco’s commitment takes inspiration from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s plan, “Connecting the City,” to create 27 miles of safe crosstown bike paths that would facilitate those shorter trips, certainly a step in the right direction.

What is your city doing to inspire more trips by two wheels instead of four?



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