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Road Trip Week Three: The Rockies

May 20th, 2015
Robbie, Ciaran, Dian, Lara watching the sunset in Dinosaur Provincial Park

Robbie, Ciaran, Dian, Lara watching the sunset in Dinosaur Provincial Park

Wow! The few days that have passed since we last wrote have been intense! We arrived at Dinosaur Provincial Park on the evening of our last post.  The park appears suddenly and in stark contrast to the pleasant, but remarkably unspectacular surrounding pastureland. As we crested the low hill from which the first view into the park valley is revealed, the sun was close to setting; we had maybe an hour of light left. Sense told us to pitch camp and start cooking in daylight but our gut had us running out and climbing the tallest hill that we could find with a view to the west.

Ciaran and Lara coming down from the hill after sunset.

Ciaran and Lara coming down from the hill after sunset.

After two days of prairies and almost 20 hours driving it felt so good to be out of the car. We ran around jumping, shrieking and laughing as the sun lit the surrounding prehistoric clay and rock mounds in a golden orange. We stayed out long after the sun had set and the orange and reds had cooled to blue and purple before finally making our way down to pitch camp and cook in the dark, energized by what we had just experienced.


Sam went out after the others had gone to sleep to take some photos of the stars above the moonlit landscape.

The next morning we watched sunrise from the eastern side of the same hill. The rest of the morning was spent packing. We do a lot of that. It’s also largely pointless. It seems that however much we try, within about half a day of us having packed all our gear and ourselves neatly into the van, it’s complete mayhem again. We know we have too much stuff and we should probably have bought a roof box or just been more ruthless in stripping down our gear to necessities but in some ways we’re growing to like the clutter. It’s slowly becoming a vaguely functional collection of clutter too. For instance, it’s now instinctive that the box packed to the right of the ukulele contains our oatmeal, two propane bottles, three tennis balls, the first aid kit and all of our spoons. We like to think that with more time we could have done a better job of organizing what to bring but with 25 exams between us we think it’s fair to say we did at least an alright job.


We also packed bear spray, which seemed like a necessary investment after seeing seven bears just on the drive over.

In the afternoon we drove west across Alberta, skirting north of Calgary and entering Banff National Park. The day had turned grey and rain fell heavily as we drove up into the looming dark masses of the Rockies. Luckily the rain had stopped by the time we arrived and we spent the rest of the evening walking around the woods and small hills near our campground at Tunnel Mountain. We’ve come to really appreciate the fact that we’re visiting these places so far off-season. We’ve had the chance to explore with no crowds, empty trails and room to ourselves. Banff was the first place where we realised why this was possibly the case. Our naïve European sense for the seasons led us to think that by May, surely spring would have arrived and green, grassy summer meadows would be just around the corner. Silly Europeans.

A little less blue than we had hoped for.

A little less blue than we had hoped for.

Of course, in Canada and at altitude snow remains well into June and the summer. Unfortunately that meant that a lot of the more interesting, longer walks that would take us out of the valleys and onto the ridgelines were inaccessible to us. A shame, but no problem! We’ve shifted things up and are going to leave the Rockies a little earlier than planned. We’ll dot about a little bit between Jasper and Vancouver before taking a ferry over to Vancouver Island where we expect much milder weather and the opportunity for having some fun in the Pacific – see you there!


Dian and her Osprey Packs Sirrus 24 near Johnson Lake, Banff.

Dian and her Osprey Packs Sirrus 24 near Johnson Lake, Banff.


Road trip. Two months. Five European friends across Canada from Toronto to Vancouver and through the States from San Francisco back to Toronto via as many cool places in between as we can find. We’ve used cities as way-markers but our interest is in the land we’ll travel through between them. Along the way we’ll pass through more National Parks than you can shake a stick at. Camp stoves, beaches, forests, mountains, waterfalls, adventures and waking up in a tent somewhere new every morning.

Keep up with us throughout our journey via the weekly blogs posted here that we’ll be writing for Osprey Packs or follow us on Instagram:




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Ride of the Week: The Standoff

October 28th, 2010

Your daily ride might involve a lot of things, but how often do you come across this? “You never know what you might run into during a seemingly normal ride around Banff, Alberta,” as Justin of Venture There says. We figured it was a fitting photo to end our Ride of the Week contest with.

Thanks to everyone that submitted! We’ll be announcing our grand prize winner next week. And even if your photo wasn’t selected, keep your eyes on the Osprey Bike Blog, because we’ll be featuring more contests soon.

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What’s In Your Pack? Everything For an Afternoon in the Park

July 29th, 2010

We’re hitting the home stretch in our What’s In Your Pack? contest; you’ve got a couple more days to submit! For our final photo feature we chose this one taken by Flickr user absolumn in Banff National Park. Looks like a beautiful day and spot for a relaxing afternoon!

We want to know what’s in your pack! We’re running our photo contest is running all month so there’s plenty of time to submit! We’ll be selecting one photo a week to feature here on our blog, and all weekly winners will score a Digi Stow! At the end of the month two people will win a Farpoint 70, perfect for packing on your next adventure. To take part, just upload your photos to our Flickr pool, tag with “whatsinyourpack” and be sure to write a description of just what’s hiding inside your pack.

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