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January 19th 2013 - Written by: Kelsy

America Moves to Make More Bike-Friendly Housing

If you’ve ever lived in a less-than-deal apartment for the sake of saving a buck or for reasons related to an expedient break-up/move-out situation, you understand how hard it can be to find a fantastic place to store your most prized possession: your bike. Sure, some old-school buildings offer neat nooks and crannies that you can get creative with when it comes to your two-wheeled baby. Yet in the case of a balcony-free, cramped living space, what happens to your ride?

Fortunately, that question may become obsolete as Americans begin pedaling more, prompting builders to recognize the importance of providing residents in apartments with bike storage. An article posted on The Daily Journal points out the straight facts, stating:

Bike commuting is on the rise in many cities, studies show, and as the number has grown, so has the need for bike-friendly housing.

Many apartment complexes are offering secure storage spaces for bikes. Some developers are even putting bike repair shops in apartment buildings.

The article also mentions über bike-friendly cities such as Portland and Seattle, both of which have apartment complexes that are specifically catered to bike commuters. These spots may be trendy in their new-ness, but we’re pretty certain that as more two-wheel commuters invade the streets, more bike-friendly housing options will pop up as well. Of course, we’d love to know: What are your thoughts?

December 27th 2012 - Written by: Kelsy

A Helmet Made of Woodpecker-Inspired Cardboard

Back in October, we wrote about an incredible new bicycle that’s made entirely out of cardboard. Now we’re back to show you the newest in cardboard creations: a helmet that’s designed with a corrugated cardboard interior that mimics the corrugated cartilage standing between a woodpecker’s impact-heavy beak and its precious skull.

The new “Kranium” helmet is crafted with cardboard in such a way that, according to NPR, a whopping “90 percent” of its liner is actually air. Specifically, the helmet is uniquely designed by “incorporating a network of honeycomb-shaped corrugated cells” that would safely dissipate the energy of a blow to the head.

We’re excited to see new innovations hitting the bicycle and bicycle helmet market, which are changing the way we see transportation and the safety that’s necessarily involved in it. What’s more, we’re hoping that inventions such as these spark people’s interest in riding bikes, regardless of what they’re made out of.

August 17th 2012 - Written by: Kelsy

Ride Your Bike

Enough said. Here’s to enjoying a weekend on two wheels. Happy Friday!

Found on Chelsea Bella’s Bicyclette on Pinterest.

June 13th 2012 - Written by: Kelsy

Ditch Your Car: Keep Local Bike Funding Active

Keep it local is a statement typically seen in regards to food — but it seems equally as fitting for the transportation funds that contribute to each community’s safe bike routes and bicycle structure systems. The problem facing local bike funding is this, according to peopleforbikes.org:

“During recent negotiations on a new transportation bill, the House of Representatives proposed drastic cuts that would hurt bicycling. Their plan would allow states to take federal transportation funds that make roads safer for bicycling and divert them to other uses, without any input from communities like yours.”

The proposed bill would eliminate the funds necessary for your local community to propose and flesh out ideas for safer bike transportation, which would basically halt any future concepts and eliminate the potential for further growth and increased bike transportation options. Of course that’s not something any of us want, so here’s what you can do, right now: Follow this link to the peopleforbikes.org page that explains everything in a nutshell. Then, get in touch with your two U.S. Senators and one U.S. Representative by going here and entering your local information. You’ll be able to write an email urging government to take back the proposal, and send it all via the second link listed above. Send it now to take action and keep bike funding local!

PHOTO Via: peopleforbikes.org

Every Wednesday on Ditch Your Car we’ll be bringing you just another reason to spend more time on two wheels. Be it a photo, a statistic or an inspirational video, we want to keep reminding you about why riding is great!

June 6th 2012 - Written by: Kelsy

Ditch Your Car: Fixie Don’t Stop; Fixie Don’t Care

Fortunately, we live in a world where everyday people with brilliant minds can create hilarious works of art by way of posting something — a video, a written blurb, a photo — via the good ol’ internet.

One such mind, someone from San Luis Obispo, California, created an ad on CraigsList titled: Failed hispter – fixie must go, and it goes like this:

I tried so hard. I dated a girl from Portland. I criticized cheese. I applied the term artisanal to every inanimate object that went in or on my body. I burned and singed my forearms just to make it look like I was going to culinary school. I grew Carol Brady hair. I got itchy from the finest flannel and I cut off circulation from the waist down with jeans that made my ass look like an elevator button.

… And I rode a fixie.


May 30th 2012 - Written by: Kelsy

Ditch Your Car: The Cycles of Life

We’re very fond of this entirely entertaining and in some cases sorely accurate poster, which we found via Loving the Bike‘s Facebook page. We love the idea of measuring the cycles of your life in terms of your bike fancy, so take a look at it and ask yourself: where are you in the Cycles of Life?

Every Wednesday on Ditch Your Car we’ll be bringing you just another reason to spend more time on two wheels. Be it a photo, a statistic or an inspirational video, we want to keep reminding you about why riding is great!

May 23rd 2012 - Written by: Kelsy

Ditch Your Car: Save America Billions in Gas Dollars

According to the League of American Bicyclists, brand new data released by their organization, as well as Sierra Club and National Council of La Raza (NCLR), showcases the many economic benefits of cycling in the United States. It opens with a strong statement referencing the lack of government funding for adequate bicycling projects, stating that “… though biking and walking account for 12 percent of all trips in the U.S., these transportation modes receive only 1.6 percent of federal transportation spending—far less than their fair share.”


May 16th 2012 - Written by: Kelsy

Ditch Your Car: Cycling in Europe’s Most Congested City


When people think of Europe, many of them think of this. And it’s true that in certain cities, such as Utrecht in the Netherlands, more than a quarter of all trips are made by bike. But this film — Brussels Express — shows the other side of European bicycle commuting, and it’s not all that pretty.


May 10th 2012 - Written by: Kelsy

Ditch Your Car: Become a “Convert”


There are many creative ways that Bike Month has been promoted this May, from the newly instituted Bike to School Day to 30 Days of Biking and more, but this crafty video, “The Convert” is one of our favorites so far.

Created for Jacksonville’s Bike Month, “The Convert” takes a film noir approach to cycling — and keeps you watching and wondering the whole way through. Take six minutes out of your day to check it out see where it takes you!

Every Wednesday on Ditch Your Car we’ll be bringing you just another reason to spend more time on two wheels. Be it a photo, a statistic or an inspirational video, we want to keep reminding you about why riding is great!

May 2nd 2012 - Written by: Kelsy

Ditch Your Car: Bike to School Day

We’re all well aware it’s National Bike Month, but did you realize May 9th marks the first inaugural Bike to School Day for children of all ages?

Together, the National Center for Safe Routes to School and the League of American Bicyclists have created a day that encourages America’s youth to find a safe way to commute to school via bike (or on foot, as well). Of course, the ultimate goal is to educate students about safe bike routes to school so they may choose to commute via two wheels more frequently throughout the entire school year.

According to Momentum Magazine, “The long term goal of this event is to get more and more students to choose biking and walking over a car or bus ride. Safe Routes to School benefits not only the kids through safety and educational programs, but entire neighborhoods by building sidewalks or creating bicycle paths. Communities get an entire face-lift,” said Jess Mathews, coordinator with Safe Routes to School.

Through the Bike to School Event, Matthews hopes to raise awareness of the potential barriers that stand in the way of kids’ abilities to commute to school — and to help create change so that future generations can safely commute on any given day.

Schools can go here to register for the event and get planning and promotion tips to help spread the word about cycling for change!

PHOTO via: walkbiketoschool.org

Every Wednesday on Ditch Your Car we’ll be bringing you just another reason to spend more time on two wheels. Be it a photo, a statistic or an inspirational video, we want to keep reminding you about why riding is great!


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