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September 23rd 2013 - Written by: Kelsy

Bicycles Are Vehicles, Granted Rights, Subject to Duties

We found this photo via TwoWheelsBetter’s Facebook page and had to share it for all to see. First, we’re curious: Have you ever seen a sign similar to this one in your city or state? If so, what are your thoughts? Should those on bikes adhere to the same road rules as those in automotive vehicles?

For the sake of safety (for everyone involved), we argue that bikes should absolutely and 100 percent of the time stop at stop signs, stop lights and the like. Road rules should absolutely apply to those on the road, whomever they are. But some of the questions raised as comments to this photo posting are this: Should cyclists have to pay bike-specific taxes? Should bike commuters be required to have bike insurance in the same way that drivers are required to have auto insurance?

Let us know your thoughts! Share your answers to these queries and questions of your own in the comments section below.

PHOTO Via: Facebook

September 18th 2013 - Written by: Kelsy

Be Safe, Ride On

If you travel by bike frequently, you’re likely used to the ease of it all; you buckle on your helmet, touch your foot to the pedal and head out! Of course we get it. Bicycling offers a mode of transportation that’s simple as can be, which is part of its appeal. However, we’re with Project Bike Trip when they say: “for your safety and to keep your bike in top condition, it’s important to get into the habit of performing some simple maintenance checks whenever you ride.” That’s why they created this easy-to-following info-graphic, as well as why we’re sharing it, above. Check it out. And more importantly, complete your pre-ride bike checklist every time!

September 13th 2013 - Written by: Kelsy

Instead of Driving, I…


An oldie, but a goodie, this video is a reminder that transportation by bike (and other more earth-friendly methods, too!) is the way to go. Enjoy!

We challenged our Facebook fans to convey what they do for their daily commute “Instead of Driving…” This video portrays some of the best. Set in beautiful Portland, Oregon this will inspire you to leave your car at home and find a more aesthetic mode of travel.

September 13th 2013 - Written by: Kelsy

Another Day at the Office

Joe not stressed at all on the wild 'decent' via Belly Good Ledge.

After five months of worker’s disability checks and a slow re-entry into the world of climbing, it was time for me to start guiding again. I am a firm believer in doing what you love to do for work, if possible, and guiding is my perfect pursuit. Like any profession, you have to pay your dues, get trained/certified, and work the jobs that people don’t necessarily love to do, but eventually if you stick with it, it pays off. At the end of the day, any job as a mountain guide has you out in the hills, and not behind a desk, so how bad can it be?

Many people might view mountain guiding as a superfluous, luxury pursuit, but there are a few arguments that I believe in that justify its pursuit, and mountain climbing in general as well. At the heart of the matter is that the world is a better place when there are more happy, satisfied and motivated people in it, and skiing and climbing and the guiding of those activities is one of the best ways for me to make the world a better place.

This summer I really feel like I got a fresh perspective on the joys of guiding. Maybe it was the five months of not working and minimal activity with my injury recovery; maybe it was the few days of really high quality and rewarding guiding I did. My guess is that it was the combination of the two. So what were the days that made me so pleased with my chosen career path and my return to it?

First was getting the chance to guide my favorite multipitch route in the world, Freeway, in my home of Squamish. After the five minute stroll from your car, you are greeted with 1,000’ of sustained 5.11 climbing. Roofs, corners, traverses, slabs; Freeway has it all, and is a standard test piece. I can climb it again and again (and have probably climbed it over 40 times) with out ever growing weary of it. But this summer I got my first chance at guiding it. Freeway might only be guided once or twice a year at most, due to its sustained difficulties. There are also only a handful of guides that would feel comfortable in front on 5.11+ terrain. For me it became a litmus test of my confidence at returning to my favorite activities at a high level of performance. There is no doubt that I was nervous and apprehensive at accepting the work, but in the end, I decided to give it a go.

Fortunately, when I met the client in the morning, my confidence was boosted even more. Patrick was a climber who certainly has gotten a lot done over the years and he wanted a day out on the rocks to push his personal limits. As soon as he styled the first pitch of the day, a tricky 5.11a warm up, I knew we had it in the bag. All in all, we both cruised the route with no falls and were back at the car bright and early celebrating an awesome day on the rocks.

The other day that stands out in my mind was a lap up the Grand Wall, also in Squamish. At 5.11- and 10 pitches long, it is also considered a classic test piece. Sustained, with pitch after pitch of brilliant climbing, many climbers spend a few weeks in Squamish with their focus being to train for and send the Grand Wall. This route gets guided more frequently, and I have guided it a few times, but my client on this day was a little different. At 12 years old, Joe is a future star of the sport for sure. His sisters, with their coach Elliot, were on a rope team right in front of us. Both of the siblings have climbed 5.13 and train with a crew of young crushers in Boulder, CO. Don’t be surprised if you see their names in the mags in a few years, pushing the limits of rock climbing. However, neither of them had multi pitch climbed before, or for that matter done much trad climbing at all! Even though 5.11 climbing is well within their abilities, eight hours hanging in a harness with food, water and gear strapped to you is an entirely different beast. Whatever these two lacked in experience, they more than made up for in sheer psych. Joe was right at home with 1000’ of exposure beneath his feet, swinging and hanging around in his harness, cruising through cruxes. It was so enjoyable to have fresh perspectives, with no expectations and no complaining. Young people really have a unique and unbiased view of the world, and it was a pleasure to see an old favorite route of mine through the fresh eyes of a 12 and 15 year old.

15 year old Isabelle on the Grand Wall

There were definitely a bunch of other quality days guiding for me this summer, these were just the two that stood out the most. Really, every day has brought a lot of reward to me, helping folks to enjoy the vertical stone and fill their lives with a bit more excitement. As I said before I can’t imagine ending up in another career!

12 year old Joe on the super exposed bolt ladder mid height on the Grand Wall

September 11th 2013 - Written by: Kelsy

Celebrating 20 years of Telluride Blues & Brews, Osprey Style!

Once again, Osprey will be sponsoring the annual Telluride Blues & Brews Festival, located just around the corner from our headquarters, in one of the most scenic and intimate festival hubs located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains: Telluride Town Park.

You may be asking yourself, what makes this year so special?

Undoubtedly, every Blues & Brews is a unique experience, but this year marks the 20th Anniversary of Blues & Brews and we are ecstatic to be a part of that! This year will be the 6th year that Osprey has sponsored and vended at Blues & Brews and we are looking forward to yet another jam-packed weekend full of laughter, music and top-notch brews.

To celebrate 20 years, Osprey will be giving 20% off of our current line, which is a chance you don’t want to miss! We aren’t the only ones looking forward to celebrating 20 years of awesomeness…

“We are truly looking forward to celebrating our 20th year in Telluride. With 20 years of community support, we want to show our appreciation with this show to kick of the festival weekend in Telluride. We want to give back for all the wonderful years of fan and community support. We dedicate our success to our fans and the community of Telluride and we couldn’t have made it this long without their support.” -Steve Gumble, Festival Director

As part of the celebrations, the Festival will be having an additional day of complimentary music on Thursday, September 12th, to warm you up for the several days of blues music to follow! Check out the schedule to see the entire list of artist playing Thursday, but headlining will be Brooker T. Jones!

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Aside from the free performances on Thursday, followed by an entire day of music on Friday, we would be mindless not to mention the “Brews” part of the festival on Saturday. That’s right, Saturday is the Grand Tasting in which you get to vote for the top tastes from over 100 different micro-brews from regional breweries competing for the Blue & Brews Title! Let your taste buds run wild and free as you will be tasting anything from a classic Pale Ale or an exotic specialty beer such as a chocolate stout or green chili spice.

As always, don’t forget to stop by our booth for a coozie to keep that beer cold, to check out our new Fall lines, such as the Portal Series, or simply to receive the most epic high-five you could ever imagine.

Here is a list of some other things that will be going down at our booth as well:

• If you can’t find the pack you are looking for, no problem! A 20% discount will be extended to Jagged Edge, our Telluride retailer, who will have a bountiful stock of Osprey Packs!

• Free fitting and torso measuring by our professionals at the Osprey booth.

• Take a 3-minute event survey to win a pack! Winners will be drawn daily.

• Bola Ball Contest: Donate a couple dollars that will be going to the non-profit organization EcoAction Partner. You’ll have a chance to see how your throwing arm is and if you’re lucky, you could win either a Osprey hat, Digistow, or even a pack!

September 5th 2013 - Written by: Kelsy

“The Art of Carrying Things by Bike”


Think you can’t carry that Farmer’s Market haul by bike? Think again. There are many ways to carry many unique things on your bike; this video shows the art of doing just that. Enjoy!


Whether your pack was purchased in 1974 or yesterday, Osprey will repair any damage or defect for any reason free of charge.