April 17th 2013 - Written by: Kelsy

Top 10 Endangered Rivers in the US

Photo: Pete McBride

For more than two decades American Rivers has released its annual list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers. American Rivers released the 2013 list today, and the river at the top—the most endangered river in the nation—is the mighty Colorado.

As Americans we are lucky to have this river in our proverbial backyard. But our demands on the river’s water now far exceed its supply, leaving the river so over-tapped that it no longer flows to the sea. A century of water management policies and practices promoting wasteful water use have put the river at a critical crossroads.

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The 2013 report highlights a number of key threats, and shines the spotlight on rivers running dry because of outdated water management, wasteful water use and persistent drought. As you will see on the #1 Colorado River and other rivers on the list, when we suck too much water out of rivers, communities and wildlife suffer.

2013’s Most Endangered Rivers

  1. Colorado River. Runs through seven western states—Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming (Threat: outdated water management)
  2. Flint River, Georgia. (Threat: outdated water management)
  3. San Saba River, Texas. (Threat: outdated water management)
  4. Little Plover River, Wisconsin. (Threat: outdated water management)
  5. Catawba River, North Carolina and South Carolina. (Threat: coal ash pollution)
  6. Boundary Waters, Minnesota. (Threat: copper and nickel mining)
  7. Black Warrior River, Alabama. (Threat: coal mining)
  8. Rough & Ready and Baldface Creeks, Oregon. (Threat: nickel mining)
  9. Kootenai River, British Columbia, Montana and Idaho. (Threat: open pit coal mining)
  10. Niobrara River, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. (Threat: sediment build-up and flooding)
  11. Special mention: Merced River, California. (Threat: cutting Wild and Scenic protections)

But the most important piece of news from today is that we have something to save. And the most important piece of the solution puzzle is you. Whether it’s sharing this news with your friends, taking action online or turning the water off while brushing your teeth, every little bit helps.

Together, we will make a difference. Take action here and share with your friends.

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One thought on “Top 10 Endangered Rivers in the US”

  1. Tyler Wangsgard says:

    The Colorado River itself does not flow through Wyoming or New Mexico. It starts in Colorado, flows through Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California and Mexico before entering the Gulf of California. The Colorado River drainage however does include the aforementioned states.

    Accurate details are very important when you are defending any issue or concern.

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