July 20th 2012 - Written by: Osprey Packs

Friday Roundup: Just Another Day at the Office

Nothing beats rising early, crunching along the trail, watching the sky get ligher with every step… and gazing at the stars atop a mountain is pretty fabulous as well. Jody Grigg posted this great shot on our Facebook wall earlier this week with the following caption:

Today’s office location took a little getting too… a wake up call of 1:20am on the trail by 1:40am, 5 miles of hiking with over 3,800ft+ of vertical gain, and after 2hr 45mins I had arrived. Nothing spectacular about the sunrise this morning not a cloud in the sky but watching the stars was pretty amazing from 13,281ft from the summit of Mount Lady Washington. Here’s a self portrait sporting my Osprey Pack Talon 44 about an hour after sunrise with Longs Peak 14,255ft as a backdrop.

Here’s to another day at the office. Happy Friday!

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