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December 23rd 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

Friday Round-Up: Happy Holidays!

Unless you’ve been living in a deep, dark cave… You may have noticed that there is a lot of cool stuff going on out there. So, we thought it was high-time we started rounding up some of our faves each week. We call it the Osprey Round-Up… Happy Friday!

This week, we celebrated our leap into winter — and that every day from here is just a little bit longer and more sunny. And along with the sun, we’re training our eyes to the sky to catch a glimpse of fresh snow. As excited as we are to close up shop for the holidays and spend some time with our families, and searching for power, we’ve also found ourselves thinking back to the year we’re about to close. It’s been a year full of wonderful people, inspiring causes and creative growth. We can’t ask for much more than that!

Thank you to all of you who support Osprey. We wish you a happy holiday season!

PHOTO via Andy Traslin

December 22nd 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

What’s Hot for Cold: Paradox Sports Fashion Show Fundraiser in Boulder

Earlier this month, I attended another superb event organized by Paradox Sports. Before this, most of the Paradox events I’ve attended have involved a weekend outside, but this time around I headed to Boulder for a fashion show fundraiser at Neptune Mountaineering — one of the most impressive outdoor retail shops I’ve ever seen.

This was the first fashion show that Neptune has hosted as a fundraiser for Paradox Sports. The show featured Neptune employees and Paradox Sports athletes modeling the latest in winter soft goods and shouldering the latest hard goods. The theme, What’s Hot for the Cold, reflects the paradox that exists when disabled athletes are out climbing 5.12 pitches, kayaking Class VI whitewater and skiing the steepest drops. The sight of these athletes climbing high-standard routes in Eldorado or running South Boulder Creek during the runoff, inspires and motivates even the most jaded.


December 21st 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

Be Like Denmark: Ditch Your Car and Ride Your Bike

We all know that it’s better for us and the environment if we hop on our bikes to commute, especially the short trips we have every day, but it’s always awesome to have some solid numbers on our side too. Check it out…


December 20th 2011 - Written by: Joe Stock

Photo Gallery: Early Season Alaska Skiing

Chugach Avalanche Center forecaster Wendy Wagner above a class III avalanche on Manitoba Mountain at Summit Lake. This is Wendy’s second season with the Chugach Avalanche Center. She came up from the Utah Avalanche Center.

It’s a fat season so far in south central Alaska. We’ve had relentless warm storms that are plastering the mountains with thick snow. Most of these storms are combined with winds over 100 miles per hour… while it’s grim now, the base and mid-pack are rock solid for when the good weather rolls around and the spring ski season will be huge.

Here’s a gallery with a few photos from our season so far…

December 19th 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

Lane Love: Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is in full force this week, so we thought we’d pull together a couple of photos with people getting festive on their bikes. Whether you’re hitting the road for a morning ride, or carting home groceries for your holiday feast, cheers to those of you out there on your bikes! Happy holidays!

PHOTO viavia +  via

December 16th 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

Friday Round-Up: “Going to the Dogs” Photo Contest Winners

Our Llewellin Setter, Maggie, on a frigid day during in the Driftless Wisconsin winter. Photo courtesy Annika Swenson.

Dogs have a way of snuggling, running and playing their way into our lives. Heck, my dog is lying on top of my feet as I write this! After 2 weeks and dozens of wonderful photos from our Facebook fans we’ve chosen three final winners… congratulations to Clint Huffman, PK Kopischke and Annika Swenson! And an honorable mention to Mandy Creighton. We loved your shot of Lucky leaping in Australia, but unfortunately winners are restricted to the US only.

Thanks to all who participated and who give your dogs a warm and kind home this winter. We’ll leave you with the caption from one of our winners, PK Kopischke, that seems to capture this wonderful relationship we have with our canine companions:

You came to me at 2:30 in the afternoon on this day back in 1996. A little wet ball of peanut butter fur. From the moment I laid eyes on you, I was smitten. For the next 13+ years, we travelled thousands of miles over earth, snow and water. You never complained and always had a smile & wet kiss at the end of the day’s journey. We saw more of the Rockies than most ever will. Finally, the day came that your body could no longer keep up with your insatiable Love for the outdoors. You chose the time to join all the others in a place I shall someday see. For all the years of ‘unconditional’ Love that you shared with everyone you met, I speak for all… We Love & Miss You. Happy Birthday! Zuke

Happy Friday.

December 16th 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

Ski The Himalayas Season 3, Episode 8

There is snow on the ground, snow in the air, snow covering the chicken-headed spiky rocks that compose the slag heaps of Colorado’s San Juan mountains and thankfully in spots, there have been fleeting moments where that snow was waist deep and billowing over my smiling face.


December 14th 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

Infographic: How Bikes Can Save Us

We love all of the bicycle-inspired infographics popping up these days. This one makes it pretty clear: you’re going to save a lot of money and maybe your life by riding your bike to work. A few choice bits we pulled out…

  • 20 bikes can be parked in the same space as 1 car
  • Bikes are 50% faster than cars during rush hour
  • Adding 30 minutes of daily cycling saves us $544 in medical costs annually
  • The average person loses 13 pounds in their first year of riding

Definitely makes us feel good about hopping on our bikes everyday.

Biking And Health
Created by: Healthcare Management Degree

Every Wednesday on Ditch Your Car we’ll be bringing you just another reason to spend more time on two wheels. Be it a photo, a statistic or an inspirational video, we want to keep reminding you about why riding is great!

December 12th 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

Lane Love: New York City

Last week, the New York Department of Transportation announced that bike commuters have doubled in the last four years — that’s 102 percent — and quadrupled since 2001. Big ups to the Big Apple! Keep on riding!

Have a lane that you love? Send us a photo! You can post it to our Facebook page, shoot us an email at blog[at]ospreypacks[dot]com or upload to our Flickr group and we might just feature it here on our weekly photo feature, Lane Love.

PHOTO via downtownfrombehind

December 12th 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

New Product Preview: Osprey Packs Launches Poco Child Carriers

Here at Osprey, we’re excited about the new generation of hikers, mountain bikers, climbers and conservationists, so in order to introduce these little ones to the great outdoors, we’ve developed the perfect platform: our Poco Series.

“Superb ventilation as well as quick and easy torso and hipbelt adjustment were important factors in the design of the Poco series from the outset,” said Gareth Martins, Osprey’s marketing director. “Ventilation is the key to comfort for both parent and child and ability to quickly adjust the pack between parents ensures the comfortable fit expected from an Osprey.”

The Poco Series channels everything we know about packs into a line of child carriers that are comfortable, supportive, light, well ventilated, and supremely easy to adjust for fit. Thoughtfully designed to ensure the safety and comfort of their precious cargo, the fully-featured Pocos are child carriers done right.

The pack will be available at REI in mid-January 2012, but for now check out our featured Poco preview page for details and updates, photos and video!

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