May 4th 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

3rd Week Winner in The Love Letter Photo Contest: Beauty in the Backyard

“My love letters could quickly become a book, so many are the places that have touched my life. The Adirondacks where I discovered the beauty and solitude of self sufficiency as a backpacker, the Appalachian Trail where I learned exactly how much tenacity it takes to reach one’s goal, the Himalaya where I learned to appreciate the scale of nature and the depth of warmth a people can have, Cambodia where I was given a glimpse of a beautiful Phoenix rising from the ashes… But my heart bursts with love in the canyonlands and San Juan mountains of my own backyard where now I can give my daughters the gift of backpacking so that it can lead them into a life filled with confidence, beauty and a love for all things wild.” — Alisa O’Hara Gardiner

Congratulations Alisa! Ready to post your own love letter? Just one more week in the contest! Here’s how you enter

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