May 2nd 2011 - Written by: Kelsy

Inspiration, Adventure, Purpose: 5 Point Film Festival is a Wrap!

Performance art at 5 Point Film Festival, Jeremy Collins works on his painting while animation fills the big screen. I'm not sure how this will translate to a canned film, but the performance was unbelievably good and won 'Best of Festival' via WildSnow.com

If something terrifies you… that probably means you should do it. When we think back to our experiences at the 5 Point Film Festival this past weekend, that is the nugget that we find clenched in our memory. Delivered perfectly, imaginatively and brilliantly by climber and artist Jeremy Collins, the live performance set in a letter to Jeremy’s son, quenched our thirst for adventure, emotion, love, inspiration and… passion for living.

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via Wild Snow:

Life is hard. How do you respond? You can find a slot, fill it, and exist. Or you can run, explore, love, dance, create.

Yes, complacency might seem the remedy; perhaps it is so for some folks. But what we’re given as humans is a life of uncertainty and challenge. You can fight it all you want, but it is what it is. The mystery of raising a child (they still haven’t printed the manual); committing to a marriage and sticking with it; a spiritual quest; finding work that’s your true passion; dealing with the mix of risk and reward that is adventure sports. When you embrace those things as gifts and run with it, you are the rabbit. Your run might not always be yip-e-de-do-da, but the deep joy of a life well lived is your reward. Complacency is the wolf who is ready to rip your joy to bloody ribbons.

Our favorite part of the performance: when Jeremy shares words of wisdom with his young son. And we dare say, these are words all of us should take to heart and live by…

10. Make money to live; never the opposite.

9. Make the complex simple and the simple complex.

8. Respect nature. It has seniority.

7. Go after the things that benefit you in the long-term (even if they’re hard), rather than those that provide short-term success.

6. Respect women.

5. If something terrifies you… that probably means you should do it.

4. Find the outcast. Make them feel welcome.

3. Share.

2. If you are having trouble finding a path, that’s good.

1. Never, ever, ever let the beast catch you.

We leave Carbondale today thinking about 5 Point — the community, the principles, the spirit that the festival stands for… clutching those really special pieces of our experience that will shape the next journey of our lives. And if you need just a little more inspiration to get you going, check out a couple more of our favorite films from 5 Point.

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One thought on “Inspiration, Adventure, Purpose: 5 Point Film Festival is a Wrap!”

  1. Carrie says:

    Thanks for publishing the 10 words of wisdom from The Wolf and The Medallion. It was an incredible performance!

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