March 15th 2011 - Written by: Joe Stock

Cycling to the Knik Glacier

Sunshine is bad for making powder, but great for exploring Alaska. After hearing reports from a friend, we grabbed our bikes and headed up to Hunter Creek in The Butte. The big gear question for the trip was should we take fat tires or studs? The first part of the ride was soft snowmachine trails—perfect for fat tires. But then we covered three miles of smooth river and lake ice where studs are best. Anthony took his fat tire Pugsly and only slammed the ice a few times. The rest of us took regular mountain bikes with studded tires.

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2 thoughts on “Cycling to the Knik Glacier”

  1. Pat says:

    On the Knik Glacier ride, where did you start the trip and how much of the ride was gravel (as opposed to snow and ice)?

  2. Joe Stock says:

    Hi Pshiflea,

    I just found your comment. Sorry for the delay! We started at the Hunter Creek bridge. The ride was all on snow and ice. Probably similar every winter.

    Have fun!


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