December 8th 2010 - Written by: Kelsy

Girl Power!

Here at Osprey Packs, we believe in girl power. The power of women and girls around the world to enact lasting social change in their community and across the planet. So, today, we decided to highlight a few organizations working to make this world a better place by empowering and educating girls.

Mountain 2 Mountain

We believe women and girls are the solutions. As women assume leadership positions in their villages, actively participate in the reconstruction of their communities, start businesses, train other women and serve as role models, they become active citizens who can help to establish lasting peace and economic stability.

Empowering girls and women yields undeniable returns — for everyone.  But the challenges are great.  Today, women represent 70 percent of the world’s poor. They own 1 percent of the property and earn 10 percent of the income.  At the same time, they produce 50 percent of the world’s food and perform 66 percent of the work.

Mountain2Mountain is working to create education and opportunity for the women and girls of Afghanistan.  We believe that investing in women and girls is the most effective way to achieve stability and economic prosperity. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to complex problems. Instead, we believe in long-term solutions that are user-generated, village to village.  We don’t just build schools. We work alongside the Afghan people, other NGOs and local governments to develop programs that will create transformational, societal change.
Mission: To nurture a girl’s innate capacity for confidence, courage and leadership through adventure-based experiential education.
We envision a world in which all girls are confident in who they are, filled with self-love and the power of self-definition, and able to be positive members of their communities as they become adults. However, our purpose doesn’t stop there. We want to see girls become agents of change. When girls are empowered and equipped for leadership and self-sufficiency their community changes in positive ways. While our work is about supporting girls to discover and utilize their full potential, ultimately we are committed to using our work as a vehicle for promoting social justice and grassroots social change.
The Girl Effect: The unique potential of 600 million adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves and the world.
Why girls? Because when adolescent girls in the developing world have a chance, they can be the most powerful force of change for themselves, their families, communities and nations. The clock is ticking… See how a 12-year-old girl could be the solution the world needs right now.

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One thought on “Girl Power!”

  1. Thanks for writing a blog about girl power!

    We at Edge of Seven, like you, believe that investing in girls and women in developing countries is the best strategy to counter global poverty. We also believe that creating awareness is not enough. We believe that Americans need to get out and see the world in order to understand the challenges that we face globally. Our mission is twofold, to grow the movement at home and to connect volunteers responsibly with meaningful projects abroad.

    We recognize that the most powerful advocates of global social change were ignited by a trip to the developing world. They saw the challenges, lived the realities, and began working to support grassroots efforts. We are looking to mobilize the next generation of leaders. We just began a project in the Everest region of Nepal to build a 15-room hostel for 40 girls from rural areas where education is not accessible.

    Go Girls!

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