July 12th 2010 - Written by: alison

Osprey’s Rippin Chix: Mountain Biking with Alison Gannett

Osprey’s Rippin Chix Mountain Bike Camps were SOLD OUT for June! Was it the Raptor demos? Big smiles? The confidence built from learning to tackle fear-mongering logs, roots, bridges, switchbacks, uphills and downhills? The great sponsor prizes from Patagonia and Osprey? The world famous instructors such as Sara Ballantyne, Sydney Fuller, Tina Kempin, Brittany Fuller, Stacee Vanaernem and Missy Ochs? Whatever it was, June was a huge success!

The events were held during Crested Butte’s Fat Tire Bike Week, with racing, concerts, and exciting events such as the Chainless World Championships.

Ready to learn more and join the Rippin Chix? I will have Raptor demos and prizes at the next big camp: October 2-3rd, based in Paonia, Colorado at my new sustainable demonstration and educational farm. Free camping. swimming in the pond, ride out your tent flap, and dine on food from the gardens and orchards, prepared by world class chefs!

Wanna Go? Tell us why you should win a free spot by commenting on this blog. Osprey will choose a winner Friday, July 23!

Visit http://www.alisongannett.com for more information.

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6 thoughts on “Osprey’s Rippin Chix: Mountain Biking with Alison Gannett”

  1. Rose says:

    me me me!! i just started mountain biking this season, it’s a great sport that more and more of my female friends are starting to getinvolved in. it would be great to learn some more technical skills and share those skills with my friends and get more Chix out on the trails riding with confidence!

  2. Dionne B says:

    OMG! How AWESOME is this!! Though I’m an avid backpacker and mountain-biker, I never knew Osprey and MTB went together. I don’t have anything clever or bad*ss to say, but I’d really, REALLY love the chance to improve my skills and learn new ones with other women who love to ride dirt! It’s time I conquered my fear of switchbacks and uphill climbs.

  3. Amy Hunter says:

    I would love love love to go! Why? Because, after having two children and not getting to do much biking other than around town with the boys on the back of my Xtracycle, my mountain bike skills have sadly withered away. I am a shadow of my former biking self on the trail, and I need my mojo back! Please help!

  4. Lauren Kessler says:

    I only just started mountain biking when I met my boyfriend a few years ago. He takes me on rides, but I’m still learning, so I don’t think it’s as exciting for him as it should be.

    I really enjoy being on the bike, but I get nervous in any technical situation and on downhills…well, actually on uphills too, and in tight trees, and in sand, and….

    I’d love to actually learn some technique and gain confidence to surprise him next time we are on the trail. Also, I only ride with the boys, so it would be fun to meet other women mountain bikers!

  5. I should win a spot cuz I ‘suck it’ on a mtn bike. I need some real dirty chicks to show me the ropes. Seriously, I walk my bike DOWN steep descents! Sad, sad…but when I’m on my knobbies, I’m happy. So, it’s all good!
    Oh, and another reason I should go? – I make a killer smore’s with a secret ingredient (shhh…I’ll never tell…unless I get chosen for the Rippin Chix Mountain Bike Camps!)

  6. Laura Mitchell says:

    I have been riding the Gunnison Valley for over 20 years and still would like to improve my downhill skills but the reason you should choose me is..well for one I play well with others but most important…I love to have fun, entertain my friends with jokes and ride my bike in the middle chain ring as much as possible. I also smile and laugh often. I feel like I’m trying to win over a date!LOL anyway I am a great addition to any party just ask!

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