May 18th 2010 - Written by: Kelsy

Will Obama Save Wild Salmon?

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Here at Osprey Packs, we love our wild salmon! And that’s why we’ve been a long-time partner with Save Our Wild Salmon, a group working to recover wild salmon on the Snake River. Well, this week they need some help!

The Obama administration is poised to make a decision this week that could change the fate of endangered species in this country. On May 20, the Administration will release a federal salmon plan that will do one ofLeidecker2 two things for endangered wildlife: protect the Endangered Species Act, or weaken it. A decision to weaken the ESA for the West’s iconic Columbia and Snake River salmon could send an ecological ripple across the country — affecting every endangered species in the nation.

And the situation doesn’t look good. Instead of charting its own path, the administration is working off an illegal Bush administration plan for endangered salmon.

Because they return to the biggest, highest and best-protected habitat in America, endangered Snake River salmon are slated as the West’s best chance to save salmon for future generations in an environment threatened by climate change. These cold, crisp waters of spanning three Western states — Washington, Oregon and Idaho, will remain cold under warming climates, protecting these one-of-a-kind salmon with a one-of-a-kind habitat. Making the wrong decision on these rivers would effectively dam (pun fully intended) these salmon to extinction.

The Columbia-Snake Rivers may not be in your own backyard, but the effects of this decision certainly will be.

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PHOTOS courtesy Matt Leidecker

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3 thoughts on “Will Obama Save Wild Salmon?”

  1. Nonydog says:

    These fish are spectacular. 6000 feet in elevation gain? 900 miles of swimming upstream? Holy cow. And all this having survived 8 dams from their spawning grounds to the oceans; all the predators, pollution, and people fishing during their time at sea; and 8 dams again on their way upstream. (Not to mention the warm waters, low flows, and predators that result from the dams.)
    That is perseverance.
    Should be an easy call for Obama’s team, but that team has been pretty lousy on it so far. Cross our fingers.

  2. Riverside98 says:

    Thanks for the great post, Osprey! I thought folks might also be interested in this link to a new project just launched by National Geographic called the Global Action Atlas:


    The fight to save Snake River salmon is one of about 60 projects being featured from all over the world. Swing on by and check it out…

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