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August 13th 2009 - Written by: Kelsy

On the way to Rapid City for Primal Quest

We all collected at Scott’s house in south Denver for a quick sort and pack for the trip up to Rapid City.  6+ hour drive up to race headquarters at the Holiday Inn of Rapid City.  Stacy and I took a quick detour through Wind Cave NP to check out the bison, antelope and wild turkeys about!Sorting Gear at Scott's HouseEntrance to Wind Cave NP on the drive to Rapid City

August 12th 2009 - Written by: Kelsy

On The Edge – Hiking the NH and ME border

The Osprey Brand Team, a group of 10 ambassadors reporting from the field at consumer outdoor events across the country as well as reporting on adventures in their own neck of the woods, checks in with Leesa Joiner – mother, hiker, and blogger. Here Leesa describes a trip to Evan’s Notch near the Maine and New Hampshire border…

Last weekend, the kids and I decided we’d been cooped up long enough by the rain – we haven’t been able to go three days without rain since the beginning of June. We threw our gear in the car and headed north to Evan’s Notch, along the Maine and New Hampshire border.

The first night we stayed at the Basin Trail camping area. This area is a very nice, fairly primitive camping area. We’ve camped here before and canoed and fished in the lake. The canoeing went better than the fishing.

This time, we came up with a 10-mile loop hike with about 2700 feet of elevation gain in the Evans Notch area. We picked the Mt. Meader trail  and went south on the Meader Ridge, and down the north side of Baldface Circle trail.

We headed out early in the morning, leaving camp at 7:30 in the morning. It was chilly, so we put on a heavy shirt, and put all our stuff in our packs. My Osprey Talon 44 held everything very easily. It held my extra socks, first aid kit, rain jacket and pants, snacks and quite a bit of water. The kids all had the same gear, plus the boys carried small stoves, knives and matches. I did take my iPhone, not to make calls, but to use the GPS application. I find it works as well as my GPS (without all the features though) and I also use the camera feature.

We hiked for about an hour and a half, and counted 4 deer, 2 moose and quite a few birds.  We were alone on the trail which surprised me, we’ve had so much rain and cool weather this summer, I thought everyone would be out on such a beautiful day.

By the time we finished taking pictures and snacking, we were ready to keep going. The hike was not very strenuous, but the views were amazing. We continued on the trail, listening to the birds and admiring the views.

We climbed past some open ledges, and reached the shoulder of Mt. Meader. We could see for miles to the east and north from this point. We reached the real summit of Meader in time for lunch. The summit is about 2782 ft in elevation. We set out after lunch, in bright sunshine and warm air. We hiked back to our starting point, taking pictures along the way.  By the time we got back to the trail head, we were all pretty warm, and looking forward to a swim to cool off.

We quickly changed, and ran into Basin Pond. All I can say is, it wasn’t as cold as the Atlantic Ocean, but it was really chilly. It took a few minutes to get used to it, but we had fun cooling off.  As I was relaxing after swimming, I had the chance to reflect on the hike, the time I spent with my teen-agers, and my gear.  I did better on the hike than I thought I would. I am really behind where I usually am as far as hiking goes this summer. The weather and work really interfered. I am very thankful that my kids still like spending time with me doing different outdoor activities.  It seems we have our best conversations while outdoors.  My gear seems to be getting to the point where it all works for me – and works well together. I am more comfortable hiking than I have been in the past. It really becomes apparent that having well made, comfortable gear makes being outdoors more enjoyable.

For a complete listing of Osprey retailers in Maine, please click here.

August 12th 2009 - Written by: Kelsy

Join the Bent Gate, Osprey Packs and climber/adventurer/entertainer Timmy O’Neill for a special evening!

Wednesday, August 12th, 7PM
Bent Gate Retail Outlet
1313 Washington Ave
Golden, Colorado:

Please join the Bent Gate, Osprey Packs and climber/adventurer/entertainer Timmy O’Neill for a special evening celebrating you-the Bent Gate Community! Just back from a National Geographic expedition with brother Sean on Denali, Timmy O’Neill will share tall tales during a multimedia presentation guaranteed to entertain and enlighten.

There will be amazing discounts on Osprey Packs throughout, great gear giveaways and more fun for all than legally allowed! A $5.00 donation for Paradox Sports to aid in their mission to provide inspiration, opportunities and adaptive equipment to the disabled community for human powered sports is gladly accepted at the door.

august community night

August 11th 2009 - Written by: Kelsy

Primal Quest Update from Osprey Product Manager Stephen Barnes


Stephen broke a rib on a mountain bike ride a few weeks ago, but he’s still rallying his team on to victory.  He’ll be reporting from the Badlands regularly!

Noon on Tuesday and we are loading up the vehicles for the drive to Denver today and tomorrow on up to South Dakota!  Kiviok and I will meet up with Scott, Stacy and Tom tonight and all caravan to Rapid City in the morning.  Thursday is race check-in, with the start on Friday morning.  50% of our original team has turned over due to injuries, with both Dan Busse and I out with injuries. Scott Swaney (from Denver, CO) and tom Zidek (from Canmore, AB) have replaced us and I must admit, make the team much faster!  Our captain, Kiviok Hight (of Cortez, CO) and Stacy Moller (from Golden, CO) will team with Scott and Tom for a super strong effort, supported by Cordura Brand and Osprey Packs.

More later, once we are settled into Rapid City.

August 7th 2009 - Written by: alison

Osprey Athlete Update – Alison Gannett

Such a busy summer – Rippin Chix Bike Camps, my Global Cooling Tour to help save our snow and our planet, my personal sustainability initiatives, my CROP workshops for businesses working to systematically green their acts while focusing on saving money, planning a ski expedition to the highest Andean peaks of Colombia, and working to plan my ski events for this upcoming winter. whew. makes me tired just typing it.

I did manage to squeeze in some bike races, in between it all, with my Talon 5.5, of course – and even won one of my new favorite races, in 5 1/2 hours – The Fat Tire 40 (part of Crested Butte’s Fat Tire Bike Week).

I’ve added 9 Rippin Chix bike camps to the ever popular Rippin Chix Steep skiing Camps, and have been packed with gals learning to tear it up all summer. I just love watching chix learn to conquer their fears and learn rad skills. If only I had been lucky enough to learn that way. My learning experience involved the motto “its a good ride if you come back bloody”…..

My Global Cooling Tour has continued in full swing – with events all over the country and working with many retailers, film festivals, events, governments, and businesses on solutions to climate change. My latest personal goal for the Tour is to “walk the talk” by bike commuting to and from each event when possible. My east coast bike route involved 9 stops in 7 states, and a 780 mile ride between all the events. My Osprey Talon 11 carried my computer all along the way – and you thought it was just a hydration pack!

Speaking of personal goals, my latest quest is to reduce my food carbon footprint, so I’ve been learning to bake bread, preserve food, and grow lots of food. Haven’t been to the grocery store since February, and am growing indoors and outside year round at 9,000 feet.

Osprey is sponsoring my upcoming Rippin Chix bike camps – If you are in the Crested Butte Area, and want some fun in September, www.alisongannett.com

I’ll be doing the Climate Ride from NYC to Washington, DC in September, working on meaningful legislation for climate disruption. Love to see some Osprey fans along the way. I might be speaking at REI or EMS while back there….

Touring the globe to help save our planet and save our snow

Touring the globe to help save our planet and save our snow

Rippin Chix Bike Camps and racing mtn bikes

Rippin Chix Bike Camps and racing mtn bikes

August 7th 2009 - Written by: Kelsy

Final Prep for PQ


We are making final arrangements and packing the vehicles for the journey to Rapid City, South Dakota. We depart on Tuesday, for Boulder, then on up to SoDak on Wednesday, for check-in. Race starts on Thursday morning!!!
Our team had undergone a few roster alterations in the past couple of weeks, as both Dan Busse and myself have been injured during training. Dan broke his foot and has been replaced by super stud Scott Swaney, and I just broke a rib and beat myself up something wicked in a bike crash last week in Park City. Ahhh, the sleepless nights! Anyway, we managed to convince another super stud from Canmore, AB, tom Zidek, to join up. Should hopefully make for a pretty fast team, with our fearless leader, Kiviok Hight and super mom, Stacy Moller. Rock on Team Cordura Brand/Osprey Packs.

August 5th 2009 - Written by: Kelsy

Osprey Hydraulics™ Strikes Gold!


It’s a long way from Salt Lake City to Friedrichshafen, Germany, but the design and function of our brand new Hydraulics™ collection turned heads across two continents this July! Right before our momentous trip to Outdoor Retailer, we secured a first for our 35 year-old company when we received the Gold Award for design achievement at Europe’s biggest outdoor trade show, the July 15-18th “OutDoor” trade fair.

The new line is comprised of:

  • the Manta Series: a group of three packs great for day hikes and multi-use activities
  • the Raptor Series: four packs made for trail running and mountain biking

The Manta 25 was the pack that brought home the Gold!

As you can imagine, this collection is getting a lot of buzz from the bike community and several bloggers captured the excitement of the Hydraulics™ collection from Outdoor Retailer. Have a look at these sites for some sneak peaks:


Bike Rumor

Adventure World Magazine

ORSM09 Digest

The jury had this report on the winning Manta 25 hydration pack:

The problem of integrating the drinking system into the backpack has been solved in an innovative way. The very lightweight design, outstanding fit and good ventilation are what make this backpack stand out from the competition. Osprey Hydraulics is a new line of backpacks with a drinking system. The anatomically formed, easy-to-fill, antimicrobial Nalgene reservoir is fixed in the frame and can be easily inserted even when the reservoir is full. The reservoir is stabilized to prevent it from bulging out and keep it close to the back. The constant pressure also makes it easier to drink when the reservoir is only half full and minimizes any water sloshing from side to side.

For more details, check out the official press release here!

August 5th 2009 - Written by: Kelsy

Missy Goes to the Beach!

The Osprey Brand Team, a group of 10 ambassadors reporting from the field at consumer outdoor events across the country as well as reporting on adventures in their own neck of the woods, checks in with our very pregnant (9 months along!) brand team’r Missy Prodoehl. Ditching the diaper bag for her Osprey React pack, Missy has been getting out with her 2 1/2 year-old Norah to some fun east coast beach spots…

I have reached my 9th month of pregnancy. I guess thankfully it has stayed pretty cool here in the northeast and we haven’t experienced much of the thick humidity. But we have seen many inches of rain. It has really set everyone’s gardens back, hay fields unmowed, tomato plants droopy, and poopy attitudes on the weather. I think it is finally passing now that I’ve reached my 38th week in pregnancy.

We were able to sneak out for some fun outings in between rain storms and my trusty Osprey React sticks with me wherever I go. Whether it’s to the Library with miss 2 ½ old Norah or to the beach. It has carried me through many trails and tribulations. I am able to have on hand water bottles, extra clothes for a potty training kid, my wallet etc. and snacks as always.

A couple fun trips we’ve hit up are Sumner Falls in Hartland, VT. Check em’ out on trails.com. A popular hang out on the Connecticut river to drop in for a lazy kayak or it gives some sweet rapids for some practice with white water kayakers. About ¼ mile long to run it or challenge yourself to work up the rapid working your skills. One of our buddy’s brought his long board as well for some fun balance work in the lower rapids. As the kids were loving skipping rocks in the river, the rest of us enjoyed the water and picnic lunch.

Another favorite summer walk I like to hit up is the Spit in Scituate the south shore of MA. It’s an isolated beach that presents in the low tides where the north and south river and the ocean meet. It is mainly a hot spot for boaters and kayakers but on the scituate side there is a private trail you can take during low tides. This place is a true treat with gorgeous sand and hermit crab haven for the little ones to chase down. Many little tide pools form and the water warms up nice to sit and soak. Where the ocean meets in the channel, forms some sweet breaks for the local surfers. I think my Osprey still has some beauty finds of sea shells and rocks scored by my miss Norah!

I hope you all are having a sweet summer. The next 10 days I’m due to be delivering our second child. We look forward to this fall to hitting the trails again “without” my enormous belly and I’ll be able to strap baby right to me and head out with miss Norah trekking along. Hopefully the rain has gotten it all out of it’s system, it certainly has been the rain forest around here!! I’ll keep you posted. Cheers.

For more information check out Missy’s bio page here.


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