August 19th 2009 - Written by: Kelsy

Primal Quest 2009 – Day 6 Update

Hello Again,

Well, we have a few answers, but some of those have begged additional questions.  Turns out our crew did the lake orienteerting section twice, completely paddling the circumference of the lake twice.  Just can’t imagine it was that much fun, but………….what the heck!!  On the YouTube link from yesterday, there is a quick blurb from Tom Z, however it is in Czech (his native language by the way, and his wife is Swedish, so their kid is going to be quite mul-lingual!!).  We had a friend pass it along for a translation – He said, “Hi, we just got through paddling.  It was super ‘interesting’.  In fact, we did it twice.  We went from third place to…I don’t know, whatever.”  Rest in English… Yes, actually, they went from 3rd place to 7th/8th place and took a long nap in there somewhere too, as Kiviok mentioned in his quick hit on YouTube.  Team Cordura/Osprey went from about 6 hours behind the leaders to well over a full day behind. :(

Now, our team has completed the looooong river paddle section and moved out on to the 64 mile trek.  All through the night of paddling and in to the start of the trek, we seemed to be making up ground on the leaders, however it appears now that we have not moved again for many hours.  Not sure if they are napping again, or trying to sort out Tom’s injury.  Here’s hoping it is not too serious!

OrionHealth continues to pull away from the field, and it looks now like Merrell/Zanfel may have caught up to Salomon/Crested Butte, however S/CB has continually had Spot issues, so these may be playing out again.   Bones and Nuun, whom we were very close to at the transition to the long trek have pulled away into solid 4th and 5th places.  Oh well. I hope all our folks are fine!!!

Here are a couple of great pictures from the long river section:

Scott and Kiviok on long kayak section

Scott and Kiviok on long kayak section

Stacy and Tom paddling down river

Stacy and Tom paddling down river

Scott on a portage

Scott on a portage

Well, that’s all for now.  Keep your fingers crossed that everyone is OK and they will start moving again!!

Thanks again to all our supporters and sponsors.  Everyone has been great!!

Keep smiling!

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