August 7th 2009 - Written by: alison

Osprey Athlete Update – Alison Gannett

Such a busy summer – Rippin Chix Bike Camps, my Global Cooling Tour to help save our snow and our planet, my personal sustainability initiatives, my CROP workshops for businesses working to systematically green their acts while focusing on saving money, planning a ski expedition to the highest Andean peaks of Colombia, and working to plan my ski events for this upcoming winter. whew. makes me tired just typing it.

I did manage to squeeze in some bike races, in between it all, with my Talon 5.5, of course – and even won one of my new favorite races, in 5 1/2 hours – The Fat Tire 40 (part of Crested Butte’s Fat Tire Bike Week).

I’ve added 9 Rippin Chix bike camps to the ever popular Rippin Chix Steep skiing Camps, and have been packed with gals learning to tear it up all summer. I just love watching chix learn to conquer their fears and learn rad skills. If only I had been lucky enough to learn that way. My learning experience involved the motto “its a good ride if you come back bloody”…..

My Global Cooling Tour has continued in full swing – with events all over the country and working with many retailers, film festivals, events, governments, and businesses on solutions to climate change. My latest personal goal for the Tour is to “walk the talk” by bike commuting to and from each event when possible. My east coast bike route involved 9 stops in 7 states, and a 780 mile ride between all the events. My Osprey Talon 11 carried my computer all along the way – and you thought it was just a hydration pack!

Speaking of personal goals, my latest quest is to reduce my food carbon footprint, so I’ve been learning to bake bread, preserve food, and grow lots of food. Haven’t been to the grocery store since February, and am growing indoors and outside year round at 9,000 feet.

Osprey is sponsoring my upcoming Rippin Chix bike camps – If you are in the Crested Butte Area, and want some fun in September, www.alisongannett.com

I’ll be doing the Climate Ride from NYC to Washington, DC in September, working on meaningful legislation for climate disruption. Love to see some Osprey fans along the way. I might be speaking at REI or EMS while back there….

Touring the globe to help save our planet and save our snow

Touring the globe to help save our planet and save our snow

Rippin Chix Bike Camps and racing mtn bikes

Rippin Chix Bike Camps and racing mtn bikes

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