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February 9th 2009 - Written by: Kelsy

GearJunkie Calls Osprey Talon 44 “Versatile, Comfortable Light and Fast Pack”


Benjamin Roman, a tester for GearJunkie.com, put the Talon 44 to the test recently, and published this review late last week. The site mandates a one-month test window per  product, and Roman took his Talon 44 “from the snowy cold of Vermont’s Green Mountains to Trinidad and the equatorial heat.”

The pack performed well in the myriad of testing scenarios. He qualified the Talon’s 2.5-lb weight as a “light and fast pack,” but it was versatile too, because it was built to uphold Osprey’s legendary comfort and adjustability in such a silhouette. He goes on:

“The 2,700-cubic-inch interior swallows a surprising amount of gear, and a sleeping bag zipper allows access to the bottom of the pack. A removable top pocket handles overflow items and keeps small bits like maps and a flashlight accessible.”

Osprey built the Talon 44 for overnighters, thru-hiking, climbing and cragging, and it’s our lightest multi-use backpack. Osprey continues to innovate this spring with the Exos series, check it out here. The Exos Series incorporates a ventilated suspension built for comfort with super light weight resulting in a highly specialized pack built for day long to multi-week adventures. 159_348_lg

Osprey was not the first pack manufacturer to the table with a light and fast pack, and for good reason. The first generation of superlight backpacks were far from durable and carried a load in a way that was reminiscent of, well, a potato sack.  Don’t get us wrong, potato sacks do have their place…. Just not in the Osprey line.


February 5th 2009 - Written by: Kelsy

HUGE Props to Interior Secretary Salazar!

225px-kensalazarOsprey Packs loves our hometown local Senator turned Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar. Salazar put the rubber to the road since his appointment to the Obama Cabinet as Interior Secretary Dec. 16, 2008. A story on NPR.org on Feb. 5, 2009,  reported that Salazar “canceled the leases for oil and gas drilling on dozens of parcels of land near Utah’s famed canyon country.”

The story goes on to report that “Salazar said the Bush administration rushed to sell oil and gas leases near Arches and Canyonlands national parks, Dinosaur National Monument and Nine Mile Canyon as President Bush prepared to leave office.” What a nice parting gift from W for us! We are relieved that Bush’s mad rush to drill will never see the light of day….

As residents of Southwest Colorado, Osprey’s team has noticed the influx of oil and gas drilling equipment, infrastructure and industry that’s blossomed (in a less than awesome way) during the Bush Administration era in our beautiful region. It’s so fantastic to hear that we now have support on the Washington level to take a more realistic approach to “Drill Baby Drill” and it is inspiring us to do even more to give our home more of a voice going forward!images-11

We are so thankful that Interior Secretary Salazar is paying attention, but we’re not surprised. Anyone from Southwest Colorado as tied to the land as the Salazar family knows the irreplacable beauty of the Southeastern Utah desert. images1

February 3rd 2009 - Written by: Kelsy

Present and Future – Perspective on Osprey Snowplay Packs

70_141_smimagesOsprey Packs was founded in Santa Cruz, Calif., but the company’s been located in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado since 1990. Because of the proximity of the company to (what we consider to be the best) mountains in Colorado, a family of snow-specific technical packs was certain to enter the picture for the small, independently-owned pack company. The Switch series of packs spearheaded our efforts with its introduction three years ago.  The Switch Series embodies what many consider to be the perfect mix of features designed around out-of-bounds and in-bounds skiing alike. The Osprey Switch 36, on sale at Osprey retail partners right now, was put to the test by respected gear reviewer Scott Willoughby of the Denver Post, read the review, published on Feb. 2, 09,  here.

images-1And, to offer a bit of foreshadowing for Fall, 2009, well-respected blog Feed the Habit, posted an advanced review of the Osprey Kode Series (on sale at Osprey retail partners in August of this year). Check out the Kode in action, thanks to a video produced by our comrades at Osprey EU, here: Kode Series in Action.

ospreykode30pack We wanted to offer a sneak peak to illustrate the evolution of the Kode Series, this photo courtesy of Jason Mitchell, of Feed the Habit. This was snapped at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, 2009, in January.

February 1st 2009 - Written by: Kelsy

Huber Brothers and Seigrist Go Big in Antarctica

holtanna-511-200According to Climbing.com’s Hotflashes, Bavarian hardmen Alex and Thomas Huber, with Swiss climber Stephan Siegrist, had a field day climbing remote 2,500-foot walls in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica this past November and December.Dougal McDonald compiled the report on Climbing Magazine’s online portal. The three did four new routes on their recent (11-12 / 08) expedition. Alex Lowe and Conrad Anker led an expedition in 1996, which first exposed us to the potential of Queen Maud Land. It’s literally littered with big walls, as evidenced by The Troll Castle:


The Hubers and Siegrist trio pushed it to a new level however on their recent foray into Queen Maud Land. These guys truly know how to suffer.. Dougald’s report goes on:

“The team had planned to attempt a big-wall free climb on the frozen continent, but deep cold and steady winds soon put an end to those thoughts. Pitches that would have gone at 5.11 in warmer temperatures were unthinkable in temperatures of 20°F below zero, they said.”

Apparently, it wasn’t cold enough to prevent them from displaying their torsos in a post-climb victory moment – can’t blame the lads for posing in front of this 2,500-foot monstrosity…176r66751


Whether your pack was purchased in 1974 or yesterday, Osprey will repair any damage or defect for any reason free of charge.