January 28th 2009 - Written by: Kelsy

2 Million Acres of Land to be Designated Wilderness

images12On Jan. 11, the Senate voted to advance a bill that would designate almost 2 million acres of land as wilderness (full story). According to the Jan. 17-23 issue of The Economist, “If put together, the parcels of land would be one an a half times as big as the Grand Canyon National Park … It would be the biggest expansion of wilderness in 15 years.” What’s more, conservation groups are working to ensure that the toughest level of protection is secured for the designated land.

The article goes on to report that many of the areas being perserved were in the crosshairs of rapid development. “More than 190,000 acres would be put off limits in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in Southern California. Other large areas that will be designated are found on the outskirts of Boise in Idaho, along Colorado’s Front Range, and in Southwest Utah.

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